Friday, November 16, 2007

Advent in Vienna

Advent in Vienna
Advent in Vienna

Time before Christmas is always fill with love and peace. Lights are flashing in black and peaceful night. The temperature is very low, but your feel warmth around your hart. This sentences before describe time before Christmas in Vienna, or popular known as "Advent in Vienna".

The capital city of Austria is like every year decorated with idiot lights and other adornment. The adornment are very expensive and city administration spend every year around 2,5 mil euros for decoration of town. There is a very famous Christmas market where you can buy everything for Christmas. You can buy there presents for your family and people whose you love, but you can also buy some adornment for Christmas tree. If you want give something special to people whose you love, try give them more time for friendship and laugh.

If you go to Vienna you must to visit this places: The Gloriette at Schönbrunn, The Secession building, Stephansdom, Naturhistorisches Museum.

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Gregor T. said...

Very nice indeed - eventhough we´re missing some snow this year. It´s always worth a visit.

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