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Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal.
In Lisbon had a population of around 564,657.
The greater Lisbon metropolitan area, a large urbanized region that encompasses both sides of the Tajo, had a population of 2 million. Most residents speak Portuguese. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion.

Lisbon is built on the terraced sides of 7 low hills overlooking the harbor at the wide mouth of the Tajo. The bustling and picturesque Alfama district, the city’s old quarter, is located near the waterfront. The Alfama, which retains its narrow and crooked medieval streets, is one of the few districts of Lisbon to survive the great earthquake of 1755. To the west lies the Baixa (Lower Town), an area completely destroyed by the same earthquake and resulting tsunami (tidal wave). Rebuilt with a grid of parallel streets, the Baixa contains broad, tree-lined avenues, handsome squares, and extensive public gardens. The Bairro Alto (Upper Town) covers a hill west of the Baixa and preserves 17th-century streets, houses, and churches.

The best places for visit in Lisbon are: Lisbon Cathedral, Park of Nations, Lisbon's 18th-Century Elegance...

Cathedral of Lisbon

It is not very rich in itself. But it has an attractive austerity to its architecture and its interior treasures alone make it worth a visit.
Characterized by twin towers flanking its entrance, Lisbon Cathedral is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The facade is severe enough to resemble a medieval fortress.

national park Lisbon

This is a new up market area of Lisbon. The former grounds of the 'Expo 98' were not left to abandonment and is now called 'Nations Park' (Parque das Nações). Used both during the day and at night, it offers numerous attractions: you can use its promenade by the river for a run, for a walk or just to sit and enjoy the view of Vasco da Gama Bridge; visit some of the pavilions or have an exquisite meal in some of the finest restaurants in town or just have a drink in one of the relaxed bars.

coat of arms Lisbon

Coat of Arms
flag of Lisbon

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