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History of London

John Norden's map of London in 1593
John Norden's map of London in 1593

London has quite big history.
I will present to you some basic staff form some parts of Londons history:

According to the legendary Historia Regum Britanniae, of Geoffrey of Monmouth, London was founded by Brutus of Troy after he defeated the incumbent giants Gog and Magog and was known as Caer Troia, Troia Nova, or New Troy, which, according to a pseudo-etymology, was corrupted to Trinovantum.

Early Roman London occupied a relatively small area, roughly equivalent in size to Hyde Park. In around AD 60, it was sacked by the Iceni led by their queen Boudica. However, the city was quickly rebuilt as a planned Roman town and recovered after perhaps 10 years, the city growing rapidly over the following decades. During the 2nd century Londinium was at its height and replaced Colchester as the capital of Roman Britain (Britannia). Its population was around 60,000 inhabitants.

In the 7th Century a Saxon village and trading centre named Lundenwic ("London settlement") was established approximately one mile to the west of Londinium. The new town came under direct Mercian control in c.730 as the East Saxon kingdom of which it had once been part was gradually reduced in size and status. Mercian lordship was replaced by that of Wessex after 825.

This is just small part of Londons History, other parts are:
-Norman and Medieval London
-Tudor London (1485-1603)
-Stuart London (1603–1714)
-18th century London
-19th century London
-20th century London
-London in World War II
-London 1945–2000
-21st century London
All informations about history you can find on wikipedia.

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