Tuesday, August 21, 2007


London flag
Londons coat of arms

Londons flag

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. The ancient City of London to which the name originally belonged still retains its tiny mediaeval boundaries; but the name "London" has long applied more generally to the whole metropolis which has grown up around it.

An important settlement for around two millennium. London is business, financial and cultural center of England and United Kingdom. It is one of most important city in EU because it is also politics, education, media and arts center of EU.

In London live 7.7 mil. people and as metropolitan area between 12 and 14 mil. people. There is 300 different languages which are spoken in London.

It is also an international transport hub, with five international airports and a large port. It serves as the largest aviation hub in the world, and its main airport, the multi terminal Heathrow, carries more international passengers than any other airport in the world. It has Europe's largest underground railway system when measured by route length.
This informations are taken from Wikipedia.

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