Saturday, August 25, 2007

National park Brijuni (CRO)

National park Brioni

Brijuni or Brioni are a group of 14 lager and small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula by the narrow Fa┼żana Strait. The largest island, Veli Brijun ("Big Brijun") (5.6 km²), lies 2 km off the coast. Famous for their scenic beauty, the islands are a holiday resort and a Croatian National Park.
Brijuni were proclaimed a national park in 1983.The islands abound with Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean vegetation, where tourists can take in the surroundings of untouched nature. The island has a zoo, pheasant farm and safari park with numerous diverse forms of animal life from throughout the world.Traces of human inhabitation on the island date back to the earlier neolithic period and among the many archaeological sites, the most significant is the pre-historic settlement on Gradina hill.

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